It is now 3 years since the first Happy Future Festival (Now Festival del Futuro Sostenibile) which took place in May 2016. The festival focuses on 8 words/terms that relate to developing a sustainable future. The 8 words/terms are reoccurring themes and pillars of many organisations/countries approaches to sustainability - land, food, economy, security, energy, relationships, knowledge and place.

The inaugural festival was held at Villa Erba in Cernobbio and at the time was one of the largest exhibition venues in Italy. For three days visitors to the festival learnt, discovered and discussed issues of sustainability in order to develop solutions for the future. The 'Now' festival was organised for people, companies and organisations who work on a daily basis to create a happy future for people, environment, culture and society as a whole. This first of its kind festival housed 200+ stands at the event and it enabled visitors to attend meetings, round table discussions, master classes and concerts, as well as participation in workshops and animations. It was a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about the success stories of those who have worked in developing new technologies for “future success” for many years to come.

2019 saw the fourth annual 'Now' festival of sustainable future development took place at Lake Como and the themes of culture, economy, society and environment were discussed, debated and solutions to issues developed in order to help provide a future that is sustainable for all mankind. The 'Now' festival has come a long way since the first back in 2016 and long may it continue to help develop a better - happy future. The future is bright the future is green! For more information about the 'Now' festival, please use the following link:

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