Meet Our Team

Meet our team at Gemma Immobiliare Estate Agents.


Gemma is the owner, the driving force and founder of Gemma Immobiliare. She is Lake Como through and through, she was born at the lake, spent all her life at the lake and started Gemma Immobiliare in 2001. Gemma is a leading authority on Lake Como’s property market, her knowledge and experience brought her international fame after appearing on the popular TV series ‘A Place in the Sun’, which we like to remind her about from time to time especially commenting on her fashion sense and hair style!


Matteo is a property builder, property developer and is renowned within the lake area for being instrumental in leading property development at the lake. Matteo’s family businesses are based in Lenno and his extensive network of building related organisations and services run the length and breadth of the lake which complement the services of Gemma Immobiliare


Alina has been with Gemma Immobiliare for 7 years and manages our office in Lenno (Lake Como) when Gemma is out and about, she is fluent in Russian, Italian and English and has a great understanding of the cultural differences between buyers from across Europe. Alina lives in Lenno with her husband and two beautiful daughters, she is currently renovating a property in Lenno so she can be closer to the office – that is what she tells Gemma


Mike is English, born and bred in Manchester and bought a property at the lake from Gemma back in 2000 when she worked at another agency. Since then he has worked with Gemma and is instrumental in developing the English market which has an appetite for properties at the lake. Mike worked in the university sector and has transferred his communication and leadership skills to the property sector. He says he is now half English and half Italian but we are yet to be convinced.