Lake Como Lifestyle

Lake Como is a microcosm of Italy as it encompasses everything the country has to offer and this is reflected in the lifestyle of our lake, which ranges from rustic to chic.

The second homes of the rich Milanese are located in the southern part of the lake towards the city of Como and where fashion and luxury go hand in hand. Highlighted by VIP residents (George Clooney, Versace, etc) and magnetic attraction for famous visitors who go for a break, film shoot or wedding.

Towards the central part of the lake the cultural attractions of the villas - Carlotta, Balbianello, Melzi and Monastero attract visitors from all over the world and are very popular wedding venues . The northern part of the lake attracts visitors who are drawn to the physical characteristics of the lake, which is ideal for all kinds of water sports, paragliding and hiking.

The Lake Como lifestyle is complemented by the range of restaurants and bars that reflect the palette of residents and visitors alike, the following selection is what we believe represents our Lake Como lifestyle

Lo Scalo - literally means stop, is located at the ferry stop in Cremia, a perfect location for an aperitif. It is reported as "drinks made by the lake" but the fabulous cocktails that the owner Andrea makes, we suggest that he is more of a magician than a craftsman. So if an aperitif is at the top of your list, Lo Scalo should be at the top!

La Tirlindana - is located by the lake in Sala Comacina and is a small and intimate restaurant, offering creative dishes. If you are looking for a 5-star restaurant, do an internet search and see the results for La Tirlindana

La Darsena - is the Italian word for dock, but this beautiful restaurant is located in Tremmezzo, located by the lake, almost on the lake! The quality of the food is exceptional, the location is magical and it is a must for a special celebratory meal

Ajo - is Sardinian for Hello, which as we all know means Hello! This delightful unique little lakeside restaurant located in Domaso, offers a variety of local and Sadian dishes, which can be accompanied by Ichnusa (Sardinian beer) or local wines

Cantine Angelinetta - a small vineyard located on the hills above Domaso that produces small batches of only 5 types of wine and has won awards for small production (2000 bottle/year) of quality wines.  If the saying "small is beautiful" is true then this vineyard and its wines are absolutely gorgeous.