Your Interior And Exterior Design

Once you have purchased your property our service doesn't stop there.  We can assist with your interior design as well as the design of the exterior space of your property. We have a number of professionals that we can call upon to help you turn your property into the lake home that you desire whether that be traditional Italian, contemporary, minimalist or home from home, whatever is your preferred taste.

If you require us to be there to open your property for furniture deliveries or if you require a fully project managed interior/exterior design for your property all you need to do is to let us know the level of the service that you require and we'll take it from there.

We are often asked by clients, ‘where does that come from?’ in relation to furniture and furnishings and so we have created the following list might be of interest:

- Marzio Moroni


- Essequadrostyle

- The White Company

- Nordic House

- Riviera Maison

- Amara

- Sia

- Sylvie Thiriez

- Parlane

- Oka

- Loaf

- Cox and Cox

So, whatever your style, whatever level of service you require just let us know and we can discuss your specific needs