What Our Clients Say

We pride ourselves on the work we do and the service we provide to our clients and we are always humbled by the comments that we receive from them. Our philosophy is to exceed the purchasers expectations and from the outset we put ourselves in the shoes of the purchaser, we recognise what a massive step it is to purchase a property in for what many purchasers will be in a foreign country.

We soon develop an understanding of the purchaser and their needs and mould our services around their requirements. It is this approach which many of our clients comment upon, the samples below are just a few of the many comments that we receive.

We are very proud of the relationships we build with our clients and providing excellent customer service is a major part of what we do. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a property why not contact us and see for yourself!


Luca A.

Gemma is the most professional estate agent I have been working with in Europe.  Her initial valuation of my house was very accurate and the sale occurred quicker than expected and at a price which has beaten our expectations.  I had to manage the sale from abroad and Gemma has been incredibly helpful with a number of practical aspects
A fantastic service all around.

Dina & Andrew

Gemma and Mike were helping us to purchase a property in the little mountainous village of Croce close to Menaggio at lake Como.

Gemma truly has the magic touch. She guided us through the process at every stage of the purchase helping with the search, organising the codice, mortgage, contract, through to administration after the purchase. She is very well connected in the area and integrates her contacts to support the purchase. She is proactive, dynamic and will go the extra mile to make the purchase possible.

Mike complements the process by understanding the foreign perspective and being able to explain everything in great detail. They are very correct and efficient.

Nate & Ali Denver

You can trust Gemma with EVERYTHING!

My wife and I entrusted Gemma with the entire process, and would recommend anyone do the same.  One of our favorite things about Gemma is her response time, usually within a couple of minutes.  

Small list of her duties she provided us (we don’t speak Italian):
-Liaison between us and seller and the bank/wrote the purchase contract 
-Set up local bank accounts, electricity and internet accounts in our name
-Set up the Notary for purchase
-Set up timeline with meetings/processes end due dates for deposits, final sale etc.
-Since our purchase she has supervised renovations as well as taken us to local shops and vendors for flooring, lighting, TV’s, you name it and they all know her.
She really did everything for us, start to finish.

There is no no need to hire an attorney to help with your purchase, Gemma is well experienced there in the Como area and will take care of everything, she was basically a fiduciary for us.  

Peter Shandley

I recently bought an apartment in Sala Comacina through Gemma, and the pre-sale service (whilst difficult due to Covid-19) was extremely helpful and reassuring! 
All the information was clearly presented and the staff very professional and knowledgeable.  The post-sale involvement and level of assistance of all the staff in helping me familiarise and settle in can only be described as 1st class!!
If you are contemplating a property purchase in this area, then Gemma Immobiliare should be where you look first.

Sheryl & Stuart

We used Gemma Immobiliare when looking for a holiday home in Lake Como. We used several estate agents on the lake but the service given by Gemma (and Matteo) was far better than the rest.  They showed us properties we had seen via the search agent and others they thought we might like.  They were very helpful and even gave us information about the local history!

We found a property quite quickly, went home and came back again for a second look a few weeks later, to be sure! 

We bought the property and throughout the buying process, Gemma (and Matteo) were always happy to answer any questions or queries we had. 

We picked the keys up in May (2018) and haven’t looked back! We love our place: it is spacious and has a lovely view and we look forward to each time we return and for many more years to come.

Now that we have the property, Gemma is still always happy to help with any problems or questions we might have and usually always has the answer!

We would highly recommend Gemma Immobiliare

Catherine & Simon

Gemma ensured an effortless purchase of our property in Italy. She helped us navigate the process with ease, ensuring we knew what to do at each phase including acting as an informal translator when necessary as neither my husband or I speak Italian. I would highly recommend her company and services

Caroline & Cal

We cannot recommend Gemma strongly enough. We had been searching Italy for some time with tough to meet criteria, we contacted Gemma about a property listed online and from her first email response we felt like she was doing all she could to help us. The service we received went above and beyond our expectations; from the time spent with us viewing the property, providing priceless local knowledge, introducing us to local contacts for banking and legal services, through to the sales process itself which was seamless.

We look forward to continuing to work with Gemma utilising the management services available, and of course enjoying many years in this incredible location.

Karen Moss

We bought our apartment from Gemma Immobiliare. Despite our initial concerns about purchasing a property abroad (especially in Italy) Gemma explained and simplified the whole process thus allaying our concerns. She was always available to answer our questions, to accompany us through legalities and to set up bank accounts, direct debits etc., etc.
We now regard Gemma as our friend which is true testament to her hard working, knowledge of overseas clients needs and ability as an estate agent. Thanks Gemma

Joanne & John Paul Sugden

We’d been looking for a property for over 6 months when we met Gemma. With Gemma’s help we purchased a fantastic new build apartment overlooking Lake Como within 8 weeks! Gemma was so helpful with negotiations with the builder and property developer, she helped us with the contract and legals and even with the decoration and fitting out of the apartment — a truly end to end service, we couldn’t have done it without her!

Simon & Julie

We bought our apartment of plan through Gemma Immobiliare and Gemma was excellent negotiating with builders and the like. She gave us so much confidence that we trusted her implicitly and used an Italian Lawyer instead of an English one. We are now in the process of renting our apartment through Gemma.

Rod & Margaret Newman

Margaret and I have holidayed in Italy for many years and eventually decided the culture, the people, and the country were something we wanted to be involved with for some years. We spent 3 weeks with many estate agents in Italy from Rome to the Alps searching for our ideal place. Yes it was exhausting but when we met Gemma and Lake Como, suddenly we managed to tick all the boxes . Gemma has charisma, is attractive and really efficient. She knows what she is talking about and organises all the buying process for her clients. Her knowledge of the area and her contacts are amazing, she gets thing done! She is reliable! Another positive is the service you continue to get, if you need any help, for many years after buying the property. Yes , this may sound very complimentary but it really is true. We cannot recommend Gemma enough, you will not regret it and you will have much to gain in such a fantastic location

Mike & Kathryn Jenkins

We contacted Gemma's team about 6 months before we officially went house shopping on Lake Como. Gemma and her team were quick to answer my inquiries and after learning our preferences and budget, were able to make great suggestions as well as give us more information on properties we located online.

 When we did arrive on Lake Como, Gemma spent two full days showing us properties as well as introducing us to the local customs and establishments. We felt so comfortable and confident with Gemma and her team, we bought our property during that trip. 

 Gemma was outstanding, walking us through all the paperwork easily and setting up banking, utilities and a large remodel project.  We could not have done it while living in another country if Gemma had not coordinated everything and communicated beautifully.

 Our property is now both managed and rented through Gemma and her team and we are very pleased and can't thank Gemma and her team enough for making our Italian dreams come true.

 We highly recommend Gemma Immobilaire for all real estate, remodel, rental and management needs