Selling with us

Selling a property with us is a relatively simple process and a number of clients who have bought their property from us have also sold their property with us.  Why you might ask do clients who have bought a property want to sell it?  There are a variety of reasons the main one being is that they decide they want to buy a larger property and who else would know more about their property than us, the people who sold it to them.  Other reasons people sell relate to family reasons and changing work commitments, so many clients who do sell do so with a heavy heart.

Once you have decided to sell your property, we will:

- Meet with you and discuss the property market

- Inspect the property and provide a valuation figure

- Produce marketing materials

- Market your property not only on our website but on overseas website portals ensuring that your property has a global reach.

- Accompany buyers to view your property

- Prepare all documentation in relation to the sale of your property

- Arrange dates for Exchange of Contracts, Notary Deed and Completion

As with the above we will escort you through every stage of the selling process providing you with clear communication at every stage, so that the process of selling your property is a seamless transition

Our selling fee is 3% (plus VAT) of the selling price of your property, which is paid upon completion of the sale of your property

As with buying a property, our aim when selling is to ensure:

Every Expectation Exceeded