Our Referral Scheme: 500 Gems

'Our Referral Scheme: Gems 500' is all about you!  It is a way of making you money, saving your friends money, providing them with the reassurance and confidence in purchasing a property through us.

You will be helping us to help your friends

Sign up to ‘500 Gems’ you will be given a unique referral code, once you have received the code then simply share it anywhere and everywhere facebook, twitter, instagram etc., etc.

When your friends use your code when purchasing a property through us:
1. They will receive a discount of €500 off our fee - all thanks to you
2. You will receive €500 off our fee, or in cash, or donated to a charity of your choice - as a thank you

To sign up to ‘500 Gems’ contact Mike or Gemma at mike@gemmaimmobiliare.com who will provide you with your unique referral code
500 Gems, is not a one hit wonder, the more friends who see your recommendation and contact us with your unique referral code and become one of our property purchase clients, then the more money you make

Why do we offer a referral scheme?

It is frequently said that the best form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’, so we want to reward you for spreading the word.  Since 2001 we have prided ourselves in providing a first class service to you (as with all our clients). By placing clients at the centre of the purchase process we are able to meet their needs and make the process as smooth as possible. Our ‘500 Gems’ is another example of putting you at the centre of our business

You help us, we help them, they are financially rewarded, you are financially rewarded