'Come to Como' - If that was a plea from the civic leaders and tourist officials then they will not be disappointed as the latest tourist figures show that Lake Como is place that tourists go go!

The last decade has seen visitor numbers increase by 39% and what’s more is that the number of foreign visitors to Lake Como hit 76% which puts rival Lake Garda in second place with 71% of foreign visitors. It is evident that the growth in tourism to Como continues unabated. The increase in overnight stays between 2017 and 2018 increased by 4.7% to reflect an impressive 3.23 million overnight stays.

Where tourist stay is also worth a mention, two thirds of visitors tend to opt for hotels - an increase by 500,000 over the decade, which might reflect the increase in overnight stays. But it is not just hotels, there has been a massive increase over the same period in what is termed as ‘non-hotel structures’ from 630,000 to over 1 million. Reinforced by the Chamber Studies Office, who suggest that two thirds of visitors stay in hotels, one third of visitors choose a ‘complementary structure’

With the continued increase in tourist numbers and the rise in ‘non-hotel, complementary structures’ buying a property to rent out continues to be a lucrative investment opportunity

Two aspects that the authorities wish to address is the average length of stay of tourists which reveals a slight decline at 2.5 days, and languages as 3 out of 4 tourists speak a language other than Italian. In the light of this Chamber Studies Office suggest work is needed on both fronts - increasing the length of stay and the language skills if those working in the tourist sector

So, the statistics reflect that purchasing a property at Lake Como would be a very good investment and provide opportunities in the tourist sector for home owners. Why not contact us to see how we can help turn an opportunity into a sound investment.

Author: Gemma Immobiliare - The number one specialist site for finding Lake Como properties for sale


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