Lake Como

The surface area of Lake Como is 146 square miles, which makes it the third largest Italian lake. It is surrounded by mountains, (the Alps) and is an inverted Y shaped lake. The lake is very unique, not only for the surrounding mountains, but because of the presence of the only lake island, Isola Comacina.

Typical ancient villages, charming villas overlooking the lake and beautiful landscapes are just some of the reasons why it has been loved as a holiday destination by many travellers. Tourists visit all year round coming from all parts of the world due to the mild climate, especially in the central part of the lake. There are often famous and illustrious guests visiting the luxurious hotels and numerous villas located around the lake, who belong to very important economic and cultural groups.

Thanks to its location Lake Como is very east to access from many countries and links to many important European airports. Close by are Lugano (Switzerland) and wonderful Italian cities such as Bergamo, Como and Milan.

Milan is only 60 minutes away in the car and Lugano just 40 minutes and this takes you to the central area of the lake known as its heart.  There are also many public transports routes into Como and it’s well served by boat/ferry services.


Ever wondered why people return again and again to Como? A small number of reasons are listed below:

  • Ancient villages with a welcoming atmosphere from very friendly locals
  • Fantastic panoramas and impressive surroundng mountains
  • A range of lake and mountains sports like sailing and fishing, hiking or climbing.
  • Amazing local cuisine which encaptulate the traditions and cultures of the local areas and use fresh local produce like cheese and fresh lake fish.
  • Wonderful gardens and villas like Villa Balbianello built at the end of 700 and Villa Carlotta with its unique flowers and trees and azaleas.
  • Famous festivals, parties and folklore like the famous Isola Comacina with fireworks representing the fight against the Barbarossa, the Lucia’s Palio (a typical lake old boat competition), the “Missultin Festival” (“missultin” is a typical dry lake fish), the various grape and «crotti» festivals, the Schignano Carnival and many other folklore events through the year which captures the lke atmosphere.
  • Cultural events like concerts with aperitif at Villa Balbianello (Lenno), the music season at Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo), the Lario Jazz Festival that tours around lake resorts, the open air cinema, the FAI (Fondo Italiano per l’Ambiente) days, the exhibitions at Villa Olmo and Villa Erba (Como) and the prestigious International economics meeting at Villa d’Este (Cernobbio).
  • Many tourist facilities like lidos, restaurants, camp sites, tennis courts and golf clubs.
  • Lake Comoe is also close to many other major detsinations including the Valtellina region famed for its vineyards and cuisine and a great place for winter sports at Madesimo, Bormio, St. Moritz as well as Lugano and Campione d’Italia with their Casinos for those who like toplay the gambling tables.
  • Movie makers are attracted to the area as the beauty of Lake Como provides a magical and romantic backdrop for numerous Italian soap operas, as well as the big screen films such Casino Royale, Star Wars Episode II, Ocean’s Twelve, along with a variety of music videos including amongst others Gwen Stefani. Some of the stars fall are captivated with the area so much that they purchase a piece of this paradise — George Clooney being one such celebrity who has fallen in love with the area.

Lake Como is an ideal place to do all of the following:

— Thanks to the mild climate Lake Como is an ideal place to live and work.  It offers a peaceful and tranquil location where everyone escapes the stresses of city living. Switzerland and Milan are within commutable distance for many workplaces and it has four airports within 90 mins drive.

Purchase a second home?

By being very close to Milan, Como and Lugano, the lake provides quite a refuge for all seasons with spring and summer sun, amazing autumn colours and a range of winter sports.

Many call Lake Como a paradise and to own property here is to own your own piece of paradise.  So many people return to Como year on year and it’s easy to see why.